Calder Hebert, Coordinator
(337) 394-2200

Reggie Neveu, Building Permit Officer / Floodplain Administrator
(337) 394-3097

Shani Peltier, Building Permits Clerk
(337) 394-3097

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for subdivision plan review and approval, property standards violations, zoning, and the enforcement of the following ordinances.


Steps to obtaining a building, electric or sewer permit

Apply for new address:
911 Center
4870 Main Highway, St. Martinville
Ms. Stacy Schexnayder

Building Permits
303 Port Street, St. Martinville
Ms. Reggie Neveu
(New construction/repairs/electrical)
Permit Fee Schedule
.(PDF format)
Uniform Construction Code - Ordinance No.11-02-0940-OR  (PDF format)

All Construction Inspections are conducted by BUILDING CODE INSPECTION SERVICES, LLC, a Third Party Provider contracted by St. Martin Parish Government

Office of Public Health/Sewer Systems
303 Port Street, St. Martinville
Ms. Jennifer Armentor
(new/updated sewer systems)









Steps to obtaining an occupational license

Apply at:
St. Martin Sheriff's Office
400 St. Martin Street, St. Martinville
Ms. Sharon Joseph

Approved by:
St. Martin Parish Government
Planning & Zoning Coordinator

License issued by:
St. Martin Sheriff's Office


Parish Zoning Ordinance

Click here to access the Zoning Ordinance for St. Martin Parish in its entirety. This document is available in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to view this document as well as all documents listed on this page. For the latest version of Adobe Reader, visit

Parish Roads

Click here to access a listing of the Parish Roads with Zoning District classifications.
Click here to access a listing of State Highways within unincorporated areas of St Martin Parish, including Zoning District classifications.

Zoning Districts

Agriculture Zoning Regulations   Commercial Zoning Regulations

A-1 (Agricultural - Floodprone, Marginal Land)

A-2 (Agricultural - Field Crops, Range Land)


C-1 (Light Commercial)

C-2 (General Commercial)

C-3 (Central Business Commercial)

Industrial Zoning Regulations   Residential Zoning Regulations

I-1 (Light Industrial)

I-2 (Industrial Enterprise Zone)

I-3 (Heavy Industrial Restricted)

I-4 (Hazardous Industrial)


R-1 (Single-Family Residential)

R-1R (Single-Family Residential Restricted)

R-2 (Mixed Residential)

R-3 (Multifamily Residential)

R-4 (Mobile Home Park Residential)

Woodlands Zoning Regulations    

W-1 (Woodland/FloodPlain Restricted Conservation Area)

W-2 (Woodland/FloodPlain Recreational Residential Uses)

W-3 (Woodland/FloodPlain Commerical/Light Industrial Uses)

  Zoning District Regulations include setback lines and sign size limitations


Developing a Subdivision

Whenever any subdivision or a tract of land is proposed to be made, the subdivider or his agent must discuss the project with the parish coordinator prior to submitting preliminary plans.

Click here for Subdivision Regulations for St. Martin Parish.

Developing a Mobile Home Park

Click here for Subdivision Regulations regarding the development of a Mobile Home Park in St. Martin Parish.

Requirements for a Road to be Accepted into Parish Road System

Click here for road standards and requirements to be accepted in the St. Martin Parish road system.

Restrictions Applicable to Opening/Purchasing a Bar/Night Club/Lounge

Click here for information and restrictions. This information is located in the St. Martin Parish Zoning Ordinance (12-18-95), Article V, Supplementary Regulations, area: (4) (a-b-c-d), pages 21-22.

Chapter 12. Nuisances

Articles I and II.
Ordinance: Establishing Guidelines for Certain Developments in Unincorporated Areas of Parish

Article III.
Ordinance: Defining Derelect and Junk Vehicles and Adopting Procedure for Towing Away and Sale and Disposition Thereof

Article IV.
Ordinance: Weed Control in Residential Areas

Article V.
Ordinance: Condemned/Dangerous Buildings

Chapter 13. Noise Ordinance

Click here for the St. Martin Parish Noise Ordinance.

Nuisance Complaint Form
Available in PDF format. Simply fill out the form online,
print and fax or mail to St. Martin Parish Government.
The form can also be dropped off during regular business hours.

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